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Workday is a specialized ERP software for human, finance, and payroll management. The professional will teach the core fundamentals of the workday from basic to advance level. Learn workday online training in cloud tech with a team of certified working professionals to become masters in the subject.

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Course Overview

Workday online training in Hyderabad provides you the best knowledge on a workday. As a part of our workday, online training at cloud tech is regarded as the best workday online training in Hyderabad. Cloudtech workday training will make you master an overall workday course that consists of workday terminologies, staff model types, compensation, business process, and Navigation.

Workday online Training

What is a workday?

  • Workday is an ERP software that is used to manage human capital and finance. It is gaining popularity in various leading organizations.

  • Workday brings all human resources, finance, and payroll functions together into a single standard and seamless cloud-based system.

  • It is highly flexible and user friendly and makes the tasks of human capital management and finance.

  • It is designed to meet the needs of higher education institutions. It is used by governments, health care centers, insurance and technology, and non-profit organizations.

  • You can get more practical knowledge by joining our cloud tech workday online training.

  • Our training Will let you know the impact of business operations through the workday and its contribution in a practical way by live industry experts.

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Workday Course Curriculam

  • What are the Business Objects?

  • Basic Workday Navigation Landing Pages

  • Related Action Menus in Workday

  • Search, Slide-out tabs in Workday

  • Hyperlinks and Additional Navigation Topics in Workday

  • What are Actionable Reports, Single and Multi-select prompt fields in Workday

  • Setting up Standard Screen Icons and Task Page Icons in workday

  • Work-feed Workday Configuration options and Find Worker

  • Workday Organization types

  • Supervisory Workday Organizations

  • Workday Reorganization

  • Setup of supervisory org structure in Workday

  • Managing Workday supervisory organization

  • Creating a subordinate org in Workday

  • Dividing a supervisory org in workday

  • Additional Workday org types

  • Workday Organization Hierarchies

  • Workday Organization Assignments on supervisory org

  • Workday Organizational Reports

  • Types of Staffing Models available in Workday

  • Configuring individual staffing model in Workday

  • Workday Hiring Restrictions

  • Workday Position Management, Headcount Management and Job Management

  • Differentiating between Workday staffing models

  • Maintaining Staffing Models in workday

  • Job Profiles

  • Differentiating Workday Job profiles

  • What are Workday Job families and Job family groups in workday

  • Workday Job profiles and Localization

  • Management Level Workday Hierarchy

  • Creating Job profile

  • Creating Position and Headcount Groups in Workday

  • Managing Filled and Unfilled Position and Headcount Groups in Workday

  • Creating Positions in workday

  • Edit Position Restrictions

  • Close Position vs Managing a Hiring Freeze

  • Workday Compensation Components

  • Creating Compensation and Compensation Rules in Workday

  • Workday Compensation Reports

  • Workday Compensation Packages

  • Compensation Grades in workday

  • Bonus plans, Amount based and Percent based in Workday

  • Salary and Hourly plans in Workday

  • Workday Compensation Segment Security and Initiating Compensation Event

  • Security Group Types in Workday

  • Configuring Role based security

  • Configuring Job based security and Configuring User-based security in Workday

  • Components of Configurable security in Workday

  • Workday Functional Areas

  • Securable Items and Security Policies in Workday

  • Workday Domain security policies

  • Workday business process security policies and Security Reports

  • Business Process Step types in Workday

  • Business Process Configuration Options

  • Default and Customize in Workday

  • Workday Business Process Functionality

  • Completion Steps

  • Due Date and Alerts, Delays and Routing Restrictions in Workday

  • Workday Business subprocesses

  • Deploying Business Processes in Workday

  • Workday Business Process Reports

  • Standard Reports and Custom Reports in Workday

  • Workday Report Writer

  • Data Sources in Workday

  • Workday Class Report fields

  • Create Reports in Workday

  • Workday Report type and Data source

  • Objects, Fields and Order columns

  • Sort outputs

  • Filter criteria in Workday

  • Business Object

  • Creating various kinds of Calculated Fields in Workday

  • Field Reports in Workday

  • Workday Text functions

  • Working with Workday Related Business Objects

  • Extract Single Instance in workday

  • Extract Multi-Instance in Workday

  • System-wide vs. Report specific Calculated fields in Workday

  • Security Admin Perspective – Calculated Fields

  • Workday I Loads

  • Data push and Data extraction in Workday

  • Kinds of Data Load

  • Foundation, Master and Implementation Suites in Workday

  • Implementation Areas and Implementation Tasks in Workday

  • Creating Applicants in Workday

  • Hiring in Supervisory Organizations in Workday

  • Assigning User-based security groups

  • Hire into position/job/headcount management

  • Staffing movement, Termination and Request Delegation in Workday

  • Rescind, Move workers and Inactivate supervisory organizations in Workday

  • Workday Accounts and Viewing Personal Data

Workday Training Objectives

workday helps in attracting, hiring, and recruiting employees. It will plan and manage all the key compliance and help the administrators in designing enrollment. It gives complete access to employee information.

  • Workday integrations

  • Latest terminologies, business processes involved in the workday

  • Create and configure reports

  • Setting and managing workday organizations

  • EIB integrations

This workday is kind of a valued professional course for finance and human resource roles in all the organizations. There are plenty of opportunities for workday professionals with tremendous career growth. They are also earning high payouts compared to other organizations. Enroll in our cloud tech workday training to accelerate your career growth.

The certification we provide is useful to have a successful career in financial management. The certification is valuable when you are an employee of the workday. We provide different certification programs to train learners who want to achieve expertise in the workday.

  • Workday Consultants

  • HCM practitioners

  • Business analysts

  • Project managers

  • System administrators

  • Technical HCM consultants

  • ERP consultants

  • Anyone eager to learn workday

No workday is not hard to learn. It is a high demand cloud supported software that is easy to learn and implement. So any professional who wants to build his career growth in finance and HR can learn it.

Once you are certified by our training institute you will be working in the highest position in your company and expect the best payout.

Workday Training Key Features

  • Lifetime Access

    One of the best things about our cloud tech provides lifetime access to the learning of any course you choose. We also provide assignments, presentations and installation guide on Workday certification training.

  • Assignments

    Experts will provide some assignments to the trainers after the completion of each and every topic so they become masters in the course.

  • Real-life Case Studies

    Cloud tech will teach you each and every concept with real-life scenarios that makes the students apply what they are learning in the real world.

  • 24 x 7 Support

    We have 24×7 online support to resolve all your queries regarding the courses.

  • Certification

    A course completion certificate as a token of applause is issued to the trainees who have completed their training successfully in Workday course from cloud tech.

  • Job Assistance

    Cloudtech supports learners in finding job & career opportunities with newly acquired skills. Soon after the completion of the course, our team will pass your resumes to the companies and 100% placement assistance is provided to the trainees. This is the value-added service in the software Training program.

Workday Course Training Options

  • Preferred

    Live Online Training

    • Live demonstration of features and practical
    • Lifetime access to live online classes for the courses you choose
    • High-quality content created by certified professionals
    • Gain guidance on certification
    • 24×7 assistance and support
  • For Business

    Corporate Training

    • Learn at your convenient time and pace
    • Self placed online training
    • Learn in flexible timings
    • Customize content based on your project requirements
    • Gain guidance on certification
    • 24×7 assistance and support

Workday Upcoming Batches

  • Weekday


    6 AM IST
  • Weekend


    6 AM IST
  • Weekday


    6:30 AM IST
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    7:30 AM IST
  • Fastrack


    6:30 AM IST
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Workday Training FAQ'S

The Trainer will give server access to the training aspirants. You will also get practical training by providing you with every utility that covers all your needs about the workday training.

Every employee will have access to train tools developed by the project team in the workday. User guides, eLearning videos, in-class training sessions for anyone who uses workday in their Jobs.

He Is a certified professional and has significant experience in working with the technology.

If you enrolled in classes and paid fees and want to cancel the registration for a reason. Then make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days.

This depends upon the nature of preparation. You can also learn the workday within 24hrs. It means a 6 weeks program and covers basic advanced skills with continuous practice. Course duration can also be based on your requirements and team size.

There are various job opportunities that are available for workday professionals like:

  • Workday consultant

  • Workday manager

  • Workday analysts

  • Workday developer

  • Workday project manager

  • Workday functional consultant

Cloudtech is the best online training for the workday. We provide quality training with professional experts. It is carried out with real-time use cases and problems. We also share everyday session recordings to use for a life span.

We are passionate about Taking on immense challenges that matter to our students.

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